Gorgeous French Maid Costumes for Halloween Parties! 

Black and white - stylish, classy and very noticeable...

Step out in cute sassy style this Halloween in one of these sexy French maid costumes! Why is this design so popular? Well you will look like you walked off a French boulevard and boy do guys love this look! It is one of those curious "look but don't touch" costumes that will not fail to get you oodles of attention, but lends a cool as a cucumber air. 

French Maid accessories:

What would a pretty French maid do without her accessories? From pretty glittery hair pieces and frilly hats, to jewelled chokers, fishnet stockings and patent black heels, this look can verge on being x-rated but with an oh so innocent appeal.

Choose below some of my favorites, I particularly like the "sticky out" skirt versions, they make me feel like a ballerina!